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Well let us tell you a little more...

What is Ru-Slack?

Whats your experience ?

Between the members of our team we have cranked slacklines in over 10 different countries from the UK into Europe and further afield in the Middle East. We've organised a number of different slackline programs, such as diversionary crime prevention programs, delivered on behalf of Plymouth City Council and Devon & Cornwall constabulary. We've worked with schools to incorporate slacklining into their everyday curriculum. We've provided slacklining activities to the general public at major UK festivals and we've run workshops at events such as the Institute of Outdoor Learning (IOL) regional conferences. We operated the first and only Waterline at a public event here in the UK. We are current sponsors and supporters of Plymouths University's Adventure & exploration Society and we have provided tens of thousands with their first experience of slacklining, 

Among us, we hold backgrounds in providing mainstream education and a variety of outdoor adventurous activities to all manner of clients. They range from from university groups to family activity days, from primary school children with SEN & EBD to teenage, socially excluded youth. With this, we bring extensive experience of not only the hard skills needed to facilitate slacklining and other outdoor based activities in a safe and proficient manner, but also some of the softer skills needed to facilitate an area that encourages participants' own development in a supportive environment.

What proof do you have that you're not all about money ?

As all businesses, we do operate for a profit otherwise Ru-Slack would disappear under a mountain of debt and never be able to help anyone! However we aren’t just any run of the mill corporation. We are a social enterprise, meaning; we operate for a profit to re-invest in social capital and the expansion of the sport, in simple terms we put people-before-profit. Proof of this is the backing and support from both The School For Social Entrepreneurs and The Engine Room. For more on what they do check out the links to their pages. You can also find us on the Natwest Se100 Index, a list of Social enterprises that have most impact in the uk.  

To give an example; if we work with a youth club to incorporate slacklining into their weekly activities, we charge as any business does for services and costs and any profit that is made will then be reinvested to run a programme free at the point of delivery within the community. This then increases the awareness of the sport meaning more people are likely to want to go to the youth club. Everyone's a winner!  

Ru-Slack is a social enterprise with the aim of creating social capital by developing and educating people through the medium of Slacklining

As a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and a proud member of The Institute for Outdoor Learning our goal is to encourage people outside into their environment to engage in something real, with real emotion, real consequence, real purpose and potential to reach beyond themselves, leading to positive affirmation and personal development.

How did you come to be ?

Ru-Slacks inception came back in 2012, after carrying out research into the use of slacklining as a possible tool to engage young people who were ether at risk of, or who were, offending. We not only saw some fantastic results but could also see a clear opportunity to use this new and exciting activity as an educational tool to improve the lives of those around us.

We went on to run a number of unfunded programmes free at the point of delivery that were aimed at improving social capital by using slacklining as a means to address issues such as: 

  • Improved health and well-being
  • Employability skills
  • Social skills
  • Environmental awareness
  • Community regeneration
  • Crime reduction

The social investment of these unfunded programmes caught the eye of both the University of Saint Mark & Saint John, who awarded us with The Best Business Start-up Award 2013, and The School for Social Entrepreneurs who decided to give our social enterprise their full support and backing.