With this we believe we have acquired the skills to offer to something of real benefit to almost all young people.  If you feel that Ru-Slack may have something of value to you, your friends & family or your organisation please read on or contact us.

Ru-Looking for something different to try with your staff?

 Corporate Services   ​

Ru-Slack has facilitated slacklining to members of the public in over 10 different countries from the UK to UAE; providing thousands with their first memorable experience of slacklining. During this time we have also organised and facilitated a number of different slackline training programs and CPD courses, whilst also running workshops for and on behalf of Local Authorities, Schools, National interest groups, Teachers, The Scouts, Gymnasiums,  Youth Services and Outdoor Instructors.

  • Public Events
  • Instructor Training, 
    Risk Management
    and CPD

  • Marketing packages