What you get...

Not only does Ru-Slack offer competitive rates but by booking with us; you are guaranteed peace of mind.

  • Experienced
  • Fully insured and risk assessed
  • First aid trained
  • CRB compliant
  • Child protection trained
  • Regular CPD updates
  • Fully Flexible to meet your needs
  • Supporting a Social Enterprise and people in the wider community.

Why not book Ru-Slack for slacklining or a talk at your event today. For a competitive rate we can bring your favourite sport or an inspirational talk to somewhere near you.

As a Social Enterprise we are willing and able to give large discounts on event bookings depending on the values and aims of the event.

​To find out more, get a quote or to book a session please use the enquiry form.

Why book with us...

We pride ourselves on our tailored event packages and we are flexible enough to be able to meet your needs and give you the best experience possible.

With Ru-slack’s event packages not only do we offer the ability to put on a great show, your guests can actually get involved as well. Upon contact our highly experienced consultant will work with your organisation from inception to completion to create the event you envisage.

We provide all the Slacklining equipment and depending on your needs we are also able to provide the graphics, marketing media and areas & events to launch your product, brand or campaign.


Here At Ru-Slack...

we believe we may be able to add a little something extra to your users experience by providing an active element for the zesty among us and entertainment for those who are happier to sit and watch.

Slacklining is a great activity because it appeals to all ages and interests and with a long list of benefits it’s perfect to link in with your event to communicate your desired message.

Not only have we provided slackline services to numerous national festivals all over the UK such as Nass Extreme Sports Festival, Somersault & Blissfields but we have also run sessions and talks at smaller events such as Guernsey north show, the Plymouth Play day, The North Devon Transition group and one off sessions for the scouts.  

  • Appeals to all ages and interests
  • Lines between 5 – 20 metres long
  • 1-1, group sessions or PAYG sessions
  • 2 hour to multi-day events
  • Talks and Q&A sessions available
  • Marketing media available
  • All equipment provided
  • Suitable for all ages

Ru-Running an event such as a fair, activity day, fete? Or perhaps you want a motivational talk or Q&A session?

Public Events

A great man once said, those who interpret others are

                                                        seen as a fool by the masses and an even                                                 greater fool to their ofspring

​“Making a step forward can be a daunting task.”                                                              (Ernst Lurker)


  • Builds an emotional connection between your company / product and the clients themselves.
  • Memorable experience for the user.
  • Interactive area for all the family.
  • Balance, co-ordination and motor skills development.
  • Improved posture and core strength.​
  • Ability to engage in something real, with real emotion, real consequence and real purpose.

If you would like to look further at the benefits that slacklining can bring please visit our Academia page