​​​2016: Get ready to bounce.

It feels like it’s been a long, wet and windy winter (which isn’t exactly great slacklining weather) but don’t worry – we have used our time wisely and it has been a very productive few months for the Ru-Slack team.

We’ve applied for lots of funding and grants (some successful/some not!) and one of the major ones we landed is for running free slacklining sessions for the younger people in multiple areas of Plymouth which we’re super excited about! We were also awarded money from the Mars Milk Fund to put towards our MAD team (see previous posts if you have no idea what that means..) and we will add that to our currents funds and the money we hope to get for it this summer until we have enough funds to get it up and going which we (and the weather) are nearly ready for.

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2015: The end of another great year.

So the summer haze has come to an end and we can’t quite believe that there are no more festivals or events lined up this year! We’re all pretty knackered and ready for a break but, seeing as we love what we do, it’s quite the bitter-sweet feeling.

Although we’ve got some mundane jobs ahead of us (like cleaning all our equipment and packing it away – which probably means a mass reorganisation of our storage space) – we’re excited (and slightly daunted) by the big steps we’re hoping to make this coming winter. Our brains are filled with ideas of how to make Ru-Slack bigger and better in the future and - after we’ve taken a little break to recover - it’ll be time to get the wheels in motion!

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Event Managment

“I've had loads of positive responses about what you guys did this year at the festival (Blissfields) so I really want to thank you for this and I would love to have you back in 2015 and make it a bigger more prominent thing”

Paul, Shakey Ape Events  

Institute of Outdoor Learning

"Thanks Ru-Slack for giving up your time to provide practitioners with a taste of slacklining at our 2013 South West IOL regional conference. One participant said ‘Slacklining was brilliant, really frustratingly addictive and fun!’"

Cathy Harshaw, SW Chair

Institute of Outdoor Learning.

Professional bodies

"I think that Slacklining is very exciting and an up-and-coming activity. I think the Outdoor educators need to wake up and get these ‘new’ activities into their programmes as soon as possible". 

Chair of a national body 


"I used to get in trouble and run away from the police, now i just show them my slackline tricks."
Jack ,Outreach participant, 16


"I found slacklining really helped me improve my fitness levels, I didn't enjoy the gym and found this to be the perfect substitute."

Elizabeth, 34.


"The sport of slacklining is breath taking. I am awestruck by so many of the different learning aspects the children have been able to capture." 

 Lucy, A Primary Teacher